Make up Tips

Quick and Easy Makeup Tips to Help You Get the Perfect Look

Make up TipsMakeup. Whether it is an every day staple or something you only wear for special occasions it can be tricky to get it done perfectly. Here are a few helpful tips to help you get the look you want.

-Need a pop of colour? Add some colour while keeping it subtle by using a dark but colourful eye liner like dark green, dark blue, or dark purple. Pair with neutral eye shadows like cream, beige and soft browns for a subtle daytime look and blend the eye shadow over top of the eye liner.
– The key to makeup is balance. Highlight your eyes or your lips, not both. If you want to look dramatic but not clownish go for either a bold red or berry coloured lipstick with subtle, light eye shadow or a dramatic dark shadow with pale or neutral lips.
– If your makeup looks too harsh overall try softening your eye liner by blending with a blending stick. This makes the look less harsh while helping your eye lashes look really thick by filling in the gaps at the base of the hairs.
– To keep you lipstick from wearing off cover your lips with a tissue after you blot and then brush powder over them through the tissue.
– Lips looking too thin? To make your lips look fuller dab a little bit of lip gloss in the centre of your lower lip and keep the rest of your lipstick matte.
– Eye shadow not as bright or subtle as you would like? Try using white or cream eye shadow with it. Put the white shadow on under the coloured one to make your colours brighter, or put a thin coat of white or cream over the colour to soften it.
– For a really dramatic colour, use a thick eyeliner pencil instead of eye shadow. Simply apply like you would a normal eye liner and then blend. This technique is particularly useful for metallics.
– Nail breaking or splitting? You can reduce the damage and keep your nail intact using a tea bag! First, remove any polish on the nail. Next, cut open your tea bag and dump put the tea leaves, saving the mesh bag. Cut a small piece of the bag and affix it your entire nail using clear nail polish. You may want to follow this with a coat of coloured polish to hide the tea bag.
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