Fun and Tasty School Lunches 

Healthy School Lunches

Healthy School Lunches

It can be hard to break from the formula of sandwich, fruit, juice box, treat that seems to be king of the bagged lunch. Keep things fun and interesting with these healthy kid-pleasing lunches

1) Healthy Lunchables
Create your own cheese-meat-cracker lunches. Pair slices of garlic sausage with cheddar cheese and ritz crackers. For a vegetarian option, swap the garlic sausage for thinly sliced apple.
2) Hummus and Veggies
It is easy to sneak in veggies when the are paired with a delicious dip. Pack fresh, raw veggies such as carrot sticks, celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, broccoli or cauliflower with hummus.
3) Chicken and Veggie Pita-wich
Give your tired old sandwich some wow factor! Slice open a piece of pita bread to create two “pockets” and spread hummus inside. Stuff with fresh spinach, shredded roast chicken and some grated cheddar cheese.
4) Mozzarella and Veggie Sandwich
A delicious meatless option, this sandwich is made with pesto, green peppers, avocado and (you guessed it) mozzarella cheese. Toast before you pack to melt the cheese, but make sure you let it cool before you pack it to avoid making the bread soggy
5) Hearty Lunchtime Salad
Spinach is a healthy and hearty base for any salad. Mix fresh strawberries or dried cranberries with some goat cheese, almonds and spinach for an easy and delicious salad. Need some extra protein? Top it off with some shredded roast chicken. Mix a simple dressing by adding olive oil to balsamic vinegar. Be sure to pack the dressing separately so the spinach doesn’t get soggy, and always use a leak proof container!

Simple and Healthy On-the-Go Breakfasts 

Breakfast Plate

Busy mornings can be the enemy of healthy eating and frugal budgets. Keep yourself on track, and start the day right, with these delicious make ahead breakfasts.
1) Oatmeal
Oatmeal is a simple and delicious way to start the day. Pack dry oatmeal in one container and any toppings (fresh fruit, yogurt, brown sugar and cinnamon etc) in a second container. When you get to the office just boil some water in the kettle, add it to the oatmeal and add your toppings.
2) Fruit and Yogurt Parfait
Excellent for eating at your desk, this breakfast is simple and healthy. Pack crunchy granola (such as Honey Bunches of Oats) in one container, then mix your favourite flavour of Greek style yogurt with some fresh, seasonal fruit such as dice apple, banana slices or berries. Combine when you are ready to eat, and then enjoy. Mixing the granola and yogurt too far ages of time makes the granola soggy.
3) Hearty Breakfast Bagel
For the breakfast sandwich crowed: create your own, healthy alternative! Top a plain or savoury bagel with sliced tomato, a piece of cheddar cheese and some fresh spinach and avocado. If you are planning to eat it at work keep the bagel separate until you are ready to eat to avoid making the bagel soggy
4) Scrambled Egg Pita
A healthy alternative to the drive though’ breakfast sandwich. Scramble some eggs the night before, adding cheddar cheese and green onions and desired. In a separate container pack some sliced or diced fresh tomato with sea salt and some fresh spinach. Finally, pack a piece of pita bread, pre cut into two pieces. When you get to work microwave the eggs to reheat them, then spoon the eggs, spinach and tomatoes into the pita bread haves.
5) Bagel with cream cheese, tomato and spinach.

A delicious, healthy twist on a classic breakfast. Add fresh spinach, and a slice of fresh tomato to your bagel with cream cheese. For a little extra kick sprinkle some paprika on the cream cheese.

Delicious and Simple Weeknight Recipes

With school and extracurricular activities back in session it can be tempting to stop and grab fast food on the weeknights. Keep your family healthy while you keep your wallet happy with these delicious and simple weeknight recipes.
– Pasta with Tomatoes and Basil. 
For a simple and satisfying meal look no further than the produce section. Top cooked pasta with sliced fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, Parmesan and butter for a simple and tasty meal. Add grilled chicken if you desire.
– Beans on Toast. 
This classic English meal is delicious and simple. Heat canned beans and top with cheddar. Serve over buttered toast.
– Cheese and Charcuterie Plate
When in doubt, return to the basics. Roll deli meat and secure using tooth picks. Pair this with some cubes of cheese (such as Brie or Cheddar). Serve with raw veggies and dip or sliced apple.
– Delectable Spinach Salad
Spinach is a healthy and hearty base for any salad. Mix fresh strawberries or dried cranberries with some goat cheese, almonds and spinach for an easy and delicious salad. Mix a simple dressing by adding olive oil to balsamic vinegar.
– Avocado BLT.
Avocado is an excellent way to ass healthy fats to your diet, and add a little something extra to an old classic. Build a sandwich out of toast and add fresh, sliced tomatoes topped with a dash of sea salt, lettuce and bacon. Add a slice of fresh avocado or spread mashed avocado on the toast before assembling.
– Easy and Healthy Tacos
Brown some ground beef with cumin, paprika and chilli powder. Serve in soft or hard taco shells with grated cheddar cheese, shredded romaine lettuce, black olives, guacamole, sour cream and either fresh diced tomatoes or chunky salsa. Make your own guacamole by mashing 3 avocados with 1 teaspoon of salt, 1/2 a cup of diced onion, 3 tablespoons of chopped, fresh cilantro, and 1 teaspoon of minced garlic. Juice 1 lime into the mix and mash. Can be served chunky or smooth.
Turn your rice into a meal by replacing the water with chicken stock and adding diced onion and frozen peas while you cook it. Serve with chicken or alone.
Tuna Salad Sandwich

Delicious summer meals

Tuna Salad Sandwich

Delicious Tuna Salad Sandwich

In the heat of summer turning on the oven can seem unthinkable. To help beat the summer heat, and keep your family happy, here are some quick, hearty meals that you can make without turning your house into an oven.

1) cottage cheese and chives

Delicious and filling, cottage cheese and chives is so easy to make. Just take a container of cottage cheese, and add chives and pepper. For added variety, mix in some diced tomatoes and cucumber. Serve on toast or crackers.

2) tuna salad

A healthy and hearty way to add fish to your diet! Take one can of tuna and add 2-3 tablespoons of mayonnaise. Add diced pickles or celery for crunch. Serve as a sandwich, or on crackers.

3) Spicy Egg Salad Lettuce Wrap

A twist on an old classic! Hard boil some eggs (approximately one per wrap), the peal and mash them. Add about 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise per egg. Add diced celery or water chestnuts for crunch. To add some kick, add 2-3 dashes of curry powder per egg. Spoon onto fresh romaine leaves, then roll.

4) Egg and Tomato Pitas

Who says scrambled eggs are just for breakfast? Scramble approximately two eggs per sandwich. Thinly slice some fresh tomatoes, and salt to taste. Take your pita bread and cut it in half. Carefully peel the two sides apart, creating a “pocket”. Place the tomatoes and eggs in the pita bread “pocket” and add mixed greens if desired.

5) Filling Summer Salad

Jazz up your ordinary salad with this easy recipe. Start with a base of mixed greens. Add blue cheese or feta, and almonds for protein. Top with fresh raspberries or dried cranberries. For a simple vinaigrette dressing, simply mix olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Quick and easy meals for Moving Day

Thai Wok’s N’Go Restaurant "Pyrogy Dinner" - Glendale Alberta

Thai Wok’s N’Go Restaurant “Pyrogy Dinner” – Glendale Alberta

As you prepare for the big move or are already settling into a new home most of your possessions are probably boxed up. This can prove a logistical challenge when it comes to cooking dinner. For those of you who can’t don’t want to eat Take Out for the next week, here are some easy, one dish recipes to help you during your transition.

Easy Chicken Curry

This is a staple of my grandmothers. All you will need to prepare this dish is two pots (one for rice, on for the curry), a cutting board, a sharp knife and a large spoon for stirring.


– 1 Jar pre-made curry sauce (Sharwoods is my favourite, easily found in the Indian food isle)
– 1 pre-roasted chicken or 3-4 cooked chicken breasts. Chicken should be cut into bit sizes pieces.
– rice
– chopped vegetables (peas, lentils, cauliflower etc.) (optional)

1) prepare your rice. There is an excellent guide here: If you don’t have the time, energy or utensils to cook rice you can also buy microwaveable rice in the rice section of your grocery store.

2) Cook your chicken, then add your vegetables and your sauce. Pre cooked, frozen vegetables can be added right away, but raw vegetables may require being pre-steamed if you like your vegetables quite soft. Lentils must be pre-soaked.

3) Heat the sauce with you chicken and vegetables. Stir regularly, and allow the sauce’s flavour to permeate the chicken and vegetables.

4) Serve on a bed of rice. This dish pairs well with steamed vegetables

Beans on Toast

An English classic! Hearty and easy to make. You will need a pot, a can opener, a toaster or frying pan, and possibly a cheese grater. You can also buy pre-shredded cheese, or skip the cheese entirely.


– can of beans (beans with tomato sauce is the traditional)
– cheddar cheese (grated) (optional)
– bread for toast
– butter (optional)

1) Open the can of beans beans and pour it into the pot. Heat until bubbling. Add cheese if desired.

2) Toast the bread. You can either use a toaster, or if that is packed you can butter the bread and fry it in a frying pan.

3) You can now decide if you want to use our toast to scoop up your beans, or pour the beans on to of the toast and eat it with a knife and fork. Both ways are acceptable, but pouring the beans on the toast can make the toast soggy. This recipe pairs well with raw veggies.

Pan fried Pierogis and Sausage

This easy meal requires only one frying pan and a spoon/flipper for stirring and serving.


– Pierogis (fresh or frozen). Typical varieties include cheese and potato, bacon and potato etc.
– sausage
– butter

1) First, fry the sausage. You can either cook it whole or cut it into bite sized pieces first. Save the sausage grease in the pan

2) Fry the pierogis in the sausage grease, adding butter if needed. The pierogis should be a pale golden colour and the outside should be crispy. If you don’t cook them long enough the inside will still be cold. The butter and/or sausage grease will help to brown them.

3) Serve. This recipe pairs well with either cooked veggies or a green salad.

Vegetable Omelet

Who says you can’t have breakfast for dinner? This recipe is perfect for using up the last of the eggs and fresh vegetables before you move! All you need is a frying pan, a mixing bowl, a mixing spoon/spatial and a flipper. You will also need a knife and a cutting board of your vegetables are not pre cut.


– eggs
– cheese (grated)
– milk (optional)
– assorted chopped vegetables (ie: peppers, onions, spring onions, chives, parsley, tomatoes etc.)
– salt and pepper (optional but recommended)

1) Crack your eggs into the mixing bowl. Add the grated cheese and the chopped veggies. Mix thoroughly. Add one approximately one table spoon of milk or water for each egg. Milk will give you denser eggs, water will give you fluffier eggs.

2) Pre heat the frying pan. Pour in egg mixture once pan is hot. Stir consistently till eggs are entirely cooked.

This dish pairs well with fruit salad or a hearty vegetable or bean salad.