Purchasing a Condominium

Purchasing a Condo

So you have decided to purchase a condo. Whether you are upgrading from a rented apartment or downsizing from a house there are w few things to consider before you sign the papers. 1) Do your research Find out if there have been any special assesments in the last few years. If there is something that […]

Hosting a block Party

Settling in to your new Community

  Your new home has been purchased, the keys are in your hand and you have started to unpack. Now it is time to meet your neighbours and get involved in your community. Here are some handy tips to get you started. 1) Check out the community centre  Especially if you want you and your […]

Preparing your home for sale.

A Quick Guide to Prepping Your Home for Sale 

So you have decided to sell your home and you are prepping for your home to go on the market. Here are some handy tips to help entice potential buyers. 1) Half empty closets  The point of an open house is to show off your home’s assets and convince potential buyers to become definite buyers. […]

Painting Bathroom

Remodelling your Bathroom

Whether you are fixing up your home before it goes on the market or making your new home your own you don’t want to forget about the bathroom. Rarely thought about, this often used space is an important one. Here are some important tips for when you choose to remodel 1) Choose appropriate materials  The […]

Baking soda and Vinegar Cleaners

Green and Budget Friendly Cleaning Tips

  Did you know that many ordinary items found in your pantry or fridge can also double as cleaning ingredients? To help keep your home spotless try these handy tips that are easy on the environment and your budget. 1) Use Vinegar as a mild disinfectant  Add a half cup of vinegar to a litre […]